GUZ University

Tübingen, DE
University of Tübingen
25.047 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Tjerk de Boer, Marc Coma, Sebastian van Damme, Cecilia Dobos, Ahinitze Errasti Etxeberria, Paolo Faleschini, Michael Geensen, Marlon Jonkers, Kees Kaan, Jan Teunis ten Kate, Moritz Kühl, Loes Martens, Hannes Ochmann, Vincent Panhuysen, Maurizio Papa, Ana Rivero Esteban, Katarzyna Seweryn, Dikkie Scipio, Floris Sikkel, Christian Sluijmer, Hrvoje Šmidihen, Davide Spina

Höhler+Partner Architekten PartGmbB, Bollinger+Grohmann Ingenieure (façade construction)

The Geo- and Environmental Research center in Tübingen wants to promote the exchange between its various departments and the different campus buildings.
The project consists of offices, laboratories and training areas. The entrance area is double height and aims to generate a spatial connection between the outside, the public foyer and the collective part of the building and its courtyards.
The transition areas of the upper floors are located on the South edge to let the users benefit of the impressive view of the surrounding landscape towards the city of Tübingen. While laboratories and offices occupy the long sides of the building and the perimeter around the two courtyards.
The glass volume emerges from the campus and is wrapped by two meters high and deep “façades’ rings” realized in a galvanized steel structure covered by pre-shaped concrete. The rings have a sustainable function to control air-flow and direct sunlight while generating indirect daylight.