04 2023
April 2023
25/04 2023

The grand opening of Museum Paleis Het Loo

Following a grand opening ceremony in the presence of His Majesty the King on 21 April, Paleis Het Loo is now finally open for visitors.

Last Friday evening, we marked the opening of this special project with an unforgettable show featuring mesmerizing projections, live music, dance, and an array of lights.

Jorrit Lousberg/Light at Work Photography

As the guest of honour, His Majesty the King visited the extension before the show, pictured below with Dikkie Scipio, Michel van Maarseveen, Pien Harms, and Gerdi Verbeet.

Frank van Beek

Images courtesy of Paleis Het Loo.

05/04 2023

Celebrating a MINUTES milestone with a special treat

We are thrilled to celebrate the second anniversary of our acclaimed short film series, MINUTES. These films have allowed us to delve deeper into the connection between architecture and film, and to showcase our projects in a unique and exciting way. To mark this special occasion, we are sharing the twelfth film in the series – ‘On an Immortal Being’.

Shot in the stunning Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, this film is part of a larger body of work that explores the narrative possibilities of architecture and film through a captivating vampire tale.

Directed by Jaime Levinas and created in collaboration with a talented team of artists, including Tina Makharadze, Ruben Hamelink, Nadia de Vries, and Noah Chevan, this film is a testament to the power of creative collaboration and experimentation. Watch the film on our MINUTES platform

MINUTES has received critical acclaim for its unique approach to exploring the intersection of architecture and film. Since its launch two years ago, the series has gained a significant following and has been featured in various film festivals and architecture events worldwide. Each short film in the series has been carefully crafted to showcase the beauty and complexity of the built environment in a new and captivating way.

From the film by Romain Loiseau & Tristan Soreau – To Become one

“Film and architecture have an almost uncanny bond with each other”, claims Brendan Cormier, senior curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, noting that “it is somewhat surprising that until now, films that focus exclusively on the representation of architecture remain a relatively niche pursuit.”

From the film by From Form – Await

In his essay ‘Why are there so few films about architecture?’ Cormier marks MINUTES as a milestone on a joint historical timeline of architecture and cinema. He writes: “By commissioning these films, KAAN Architecten is doing a wonderful service for architecture culture in general. It gives space for new experiments with the portrayal of architecture on film while showing valuable ways to enrich our documentation of architecture for future generations to experience.”

As the MINUTES series continues to grow and evolve, we look forward to seeing what new stories and perspectives it will bring to the world of architecture and film.

From the film by Benita Vlok – Crafted

Visit MINUTES website to discover more information about directors, films and architectural projects.

Film credits:

Featuring: Tina Makharadze
Written and directed by: Jaime Levinas
Director of Photography: Ruben Hamelink
Line Producer: Sara Halbertsma
Creative Producer: Inge de Leeuw
Editing: Andrew Aaronson
Original music and Sound design: Noah Chevan
Words by: Nadia de Vries
Production Designer: Rosie Stapel
Setdresser: Lorien Mouyal
Propsrunner Anne van Soest
Props assistants: Freya Filarski, Anjelica Belgrave
Special props: Jos Crezee
With thanks to: Opera Ballet Flanders, Jacobs Interieur NV te Bree, ’s Zomers Bloemen Rotterdam, Antiquariaat Looijestein, Diana van de Vossenberg

Jaime Levinas is an Argentinean filmmaker based in Rotterdam. He graduated from Brooklyn College as a Fulbright grantee and Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds fellow. His short films Midnight Coffee (2020) and PINPIN(2021) have been selected for festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand, BAFICI, IFFR, Maryland and others.