Bio Safety Laboratory Erasmus MC

Rotterdam, NL
Directie Huisvesting Erasmus MC
4,400 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Allard Assies, Pier Dijkema, Kees Kaan, Derk Onnekes, Vincent Panhuysen, Dikkie Scipio, Luuk Stoltenborg

Sebastian van Damme

Advisor technical installations - Deerns

BSL3 laboratory (Bio Safety Laboratory level 3) is a state of the art addition to the Erasmus MC complex in Rotterdam. It is a workspace designated to research of infectious diseases threatening the public health. As such, it is a unique space since there are less than a hundred of these type of laboratories worldwide and BSL3 is currently the only one of this size in The Netherlands, working closely with research partners and public health authorities.
Comprising 4 400 m2 of floor space spread over three floors, the laboratory is located in the existing Erasmus MC tower. The main workspace is structurally designed as a freestanding ‘box in a box’ which ensures its safety during possible oscillations of the tower in bad weather and allows to bridge air pressure differences caused by strong winds. The required installations are hence placed above and below the laboratory.
The complexity of the design, many preconditions, high quality requirements for the execution and working in a limited space at a considerable height of 100 meters made the construction of the laboratory a real challenge. No coated products or paints are allowed for the interior of the actual laboratory spaces due to the disinfectants used. Additionally, all structural and surface joints of floors, walls and ceilings were made with smooth and flush materials with rounded corners.