Nantes, FR
Société OCDL - Groupe GIBOIRE, Groupe Chessé
28.356 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Dante Borgo, Sebastiaan Buitenhuis, Marc Coma, Sebastian van Damme, Paolo Faleschini, Renata Gilio, Narine Gyulkhasyan, Sophie Ize, Jan Teunis ten Kate, Kees Kaan, Wouter Langeveld, Julie Le Baud, Yinghao Lin, Aimee Mackenzie, Elsa Marchal, Vincent Panhuysen, Ismael Planelles Naya, Ana Rivero Esteban, Cécile Sanchez, Dikkie Scipio, Yannick Signani, Christian Sluijmer, Joeri Spijkers

RENDERING: Robota, ADVISORS: Groupe Chesse, Ubik & Co, AIA Ingenierie

Bottière-Chênaie is a new district and landscape transformation in the north-eastern part of Nantes. The aim of the project was to revitalize a high-traffic area (Sainte-Luce Street, tram line and railway lines) and bring residential, commercial and office buildings together into a comfortable whole. Located in the south-western corner, îlot 24 is now under construction and will have offices, a supermarket, residential units and parking. An axis that draws pedestrian activities to the east is furnished with a small square for relaxation and rainwater collection. The large central block has ground-level shops facing Sainte-Luce Street and a parking area, and has housing units on the upper floors.