Camel HQ

Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Deheng Qinxin Industrial Operation Management Co., Ltd.
64 700 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Cristina Gonzalo Cuairán, Kees Kaan, Jiameng Li, Garrett McGill, Hana Marisa Mohar, Vincent Panhuysen, Dikkie Scipio, Frane Stancic, Sophie Twarog, Shushen Zhang, Yang Zhang

Visualization by ATCHAIN

LDI: CAPOL (Guangzhou)

Located in Guangzhou, China, Camel Headquarters complex is envisioned as the entry point to the new development area connecting the Shamian Historical Area of Guangzhou to the newly planned Baietan Central Business Area.
The project consists of three office towers, a commercial complex, and the landscape connecting to the river, and also houses the eponymous Camel apparel headquarters and flagship store. Positioned at the confluence point of the Huai and Zhujiang rivers, the project forms an urban icon along the waterfront welcoming the public into Guangzhou’s newest urban hub.
Taking the unique advantage of the site, the project aims to form a new border between the city and the landscape: the convergence of the two is especially important. The project creates an active urban ground yet it grows out from the landscape. The grid of towers is rotated in relation to the surrounding buildings, thus facing the waterfront directly. The towers are lightweight mirages above the green landscape, set apart from the hard city in the background. In this cluster, three towers make a soft composition of horizontal lines. The building is independent, crowning the edge of the waterfront but at the same time embedded into the landscape. With its natural soothing image, it invites inside the liveliness and activities from the waterfront.