CUBE – Education and Self Study Centre

Campus Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Tilburg University
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Allard Assies, Dennis Bruijn, Timo Cardol, Sebastian van Damme, Michael Geensen, Alejandro Gonzáles Pérez, Marlon Jonkers, Kees Kaan, Rense Kerkvliet, Martina Margini, Vincent Panhuysen, Kevin Park, Roland Reemaa, Dikkie Scipio, Maria Stamati, Yiannis Tsoskounoglou, Noëmi Vos, Yang Zhang

Simone Bossi, Sebastian van Damme

Seamlessly blended into the existing greenery of Tilburg University campus, CUBE serves as Education and Self Study Center for more than 2000 students and lecturers that cross its spaces every day. On all sides, the building features a homogeneous layout that leaves no closed-off facades but exudes complete equality on all sides. Anchored to the landscape by paved pathways to its corner entrances, the heart of the CUBE is a spacious indoor study plaza flanked by a transparent auditorium and two patios. It comprises one continuous realm dotted with open study and circulation spaces, lounges, and a catering area. Alongside the green patios, independent study spaces with lower ceilings are recessed, dedicated to concentrated work. On both floors, all fully-equipped lecture rooms run alongside the west, north and east facades highlighting the strong orthogonal orientation of CUBE.