Education Centre Erasmus MC

Rotterdam, NL
Erasmus MC, building department
34.000 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Allard Assies, Luca Baialardo, Timo Cardol, Virginia Chiappa Nuñez, Sebastian van Damme, Martjan den Hoed, Luuk Dietz, Paolo Faleschini, Raluca Firicel, Michael Geensen, Renata Gilio, Walter Hoogerwerf, Michiel van der Horst, Kees Kaan, Giuseppe Mazzaglia, Eric van Noord, Hannes Ochmann, Vincent Panhuysen, Antonia Reif, Dikkie Scipio, Shy Shavit, Koen van Tienen, Aldo Trim, Noëmi Vos

Aerophoto Schiphol - Marco van Middelkoop, Sebastian van Damme, Bart Gosselin

The Education Center is the heart of Rotterdam’s renewed academic hospital Erasmus MC, designed in the 1960s by Arie Hagoort (OD205) in collaboration with Jean Prouvé. The new design repurposes a courtyard and an existing low-rise building with daylight-deprived rooms, a problematic orientation, and no clear routing. Following the essence of the original design, the second floor has been reintroduced as the main floor and entrance of the complex. The education center is designed as a library landscape where students from all medical disciplines come together. The main space is the education square with a 35-meter long and four-storey-high bookcase wall and a pattern of study islands. It is spanned by a large, column-free glazed roof structure that continues the diagonal construction lines of the existing building. The square is lined by the library, new seminar rooms, refurbished lecture rooms, and a thesis defence room. A gallery and a large footbridge provide access to the rooms on the third floor.