The Lobby – Crystal House

Kruiskade 62-90, Rotterdam
Manhave Vastgoed
3500 m2
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Bas Barendse, Sebastiaan Buitenhuis, Michael Geensen. Robin Cals, Timo Cardol, Christiaan Frankin, Andrea Gentilini, Carlos Jacquet, Kees Kaan,Vincent Panhuysen, Dikkie Scipio, Joeri Spijkers, Claudia Vermeulen

Vivid Vision

Molkenboer Management, Pieters Bouwtechniek, DGMR, Wim Beining

The Lobby is a sustainable transformation of the current commercial venue Crystal House located in central Rotterdam. Although a part of the historic Lijnbaan ensemble, the building is not a protected monument because it was built later. As a part of the ongoing urban regeneration of the surrounding area, this outdated structure is getting a complete overhaul based on transparency, accessibility and a lively program. The new open ground floor serves as an inviting plinth that provides a barrier-free transition between inside and outside. Rising above the street level is a defined new volume clad in natural stone with large windows overlooking the bustling activity of the street and a glass roof pavilion at the very top. High-end retail and catering space are spread throughout The Lobby, culminating in a rooftop restaurant and garden that will offer views over the city for visitors year-round. The modernist redesign of Crystal House gives a nod to the Rotterdam Reconstruction era, yet radiates individuality simultaneously.