Weena Boulevard

Rotterdam, NL
LSI Projectinvestment
295.000 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Marc Augustí Ballester, Antonio Bertan, Alice Bulla, Niccoló Cozzi, Sebastian van Damme, Assaf Dori, Paolo Faleschini, Dario Fernandez, Raluca Firicel, Marylene Gallon, Leo Harders, Martjan den Hoed, Walter Hoogerwerf, Kees Kaan, Michael Koller, Marco Lanna, Gador Luque, Miguel Santos, Britta Schümmer, Mélina Sharp, Bernat Riera Velasco, Yaron Tam, Anatoly Travin, Wenli Wan, Hagan Zur

Weena Boulevard is an offshoot of Rotterdam Central District, the large-scale redevelopment around the new high-speed train station and an area where cars, trams and pedestrians are the protagonists in a new urban space. The project is situated on the eastern side of the transportation hub, on a plot called Schiekadeblok. It was initiated by LSI project developers, who were already involved in the conversion of the former Central Post adjacent to the station. The development process focused on the programme and urban redevelopment aspects with an architectural design. Multiple studies generated different solutions varying from a ‘super block’ to more moderate urban models to finally give shape to a deck and four towers varying in height and width.