Tianjin, CN
Rose Rock Group
280.000 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Dante Borgo, Marten Dashorst, Mitesh Dixit, Sven Jansse, Kees Kaan, Yinghao Lin, Vincent Panhuysen, Dikkie Scipio, Maria Vlagoidou, Adam Wagoner, Rui Xuan

China’s megacities are establishing a new paradigm for the contemporary Central Business District through their bold scale and rapid development.
The rational logic of the grid has been employed for the project by embedding and refining the given Tianjin CBD’s one. The new grain of the XLW9’s grid takes the same squared shape to another level of precision and finishing. Thanks to this a variety of unique urban conditions has been created: diversity of parks, public spaces, housing typologies, high-rise buildings and streets.
The 350 x 300 meters plot is half-covered by two towers, residential and retail buildings and by a 20% of green areas. The height of the new development slopes down from 100 to 6 meters to gain the best facing South direction and the buildings’ views are opened towards the highest tower of the CBD. The landscape is composed by a big green cross connecting North-South and East-West, by boardwalks, private courtyards and a sport area located along the navigable river.