Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Terminal

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, The Netherlands
SNBV (Schiphol Nederland B.V.)
100.000 m2
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Andreas Alevras, Maicol Cardelli, Alice Colombo, Jana Culek, Sebastian van Damme, Paolo Faleschini, Di Fang, Kees Kaan, Endri Metaj, Hana Mohar, Vincent Panhuysen, Roland Reemaa, Dikkie Scipio, Christian Sluijmer, Hrvoje Smidihen, Claudia Vermeulen, Mieke Vink

Visualization by: Filippo Bolognese, Beauty & The Bit

KL AIR is consisting of: KAAN Architecten, Estudio Lamela, ABT, Ineco, with the support of Arnout Meijer Studio, DGMR and Planeground.

KAAN Architecten in collaboration with Estudio Lamela, ABT and Ineco, with the support of Arnout Meijer Studio, DGMR and Planeground, will design the new terminal at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The spatial organization of the new 100,500 m2 terminal, its design and the treatment of its fa├žades, are based on the ability to link up with Schiphol Plaza, the train station and potential future expansions. This is achieved through architectural clarity, spatial openness, and details such as overhangs and black eaves.
At the heart of the building, a raised Plateau creates a higher ceiling for the baggage hall and gives the check-in and security control area more privacy. Here passengers have a sweeping view over an entrance hall that is superbly crowned by a latticework of light, allowing travellers to take in the big Dutch sky.
Materials such as wood flooring on the Plateau and lush greenery in the large light wells above the security control area communicate elements of sustainability inherent in the design.