Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay

Paris, FR
ISMO / Université Paris Sud
17.300 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Christophe Banderier, Marc Coma, Sebastian van Damme, Paolo Faleschini, Renata Gilio, Walter Hoogerwerf, Kees Kaan, Jan Teunis ten Kate, Marco Lanna, Vincent Panhuysen, Ana Rivero Esteban, Dikkie Scipio, Joeri Spijkers, Pauline Trochu

FRES architectes (associated local architect)

ISMO is a project dedicated to science, education and communication activities as part of the new master plan of the Université de Paris Sud (Paris Saclay) campus. It is a transparent ‘factory for research’. Approaching it from the north its presence feels dignified. The research rooms are encased in glass and communicate directly with the campus landscape. Upon entering the building, the atrium vertically connects all floors, enabling users to see the front desk, coffee shop, halls, library, and the auditorium’s shape. The offices are set around two courtyards providing natural ventilation when windows are opened. This climate zone with a low-tech solution means south-facing offices can be comfortable without being heavily air-conditioned. The new building intends to be a functional working space that provides a stimulating environment, able to provide spaces for both concentrated research and informal encounters and communication.