Borneo Sporenburg

Amsterdam, NL
Ontwikkeling Maatschappij New Deal
28.356 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Felix Claus, Jaap Gräber, Leo Harders, Kees Kaan, Jan Kerkhoff

Christian Richters, Kim Zwarts, Luuk Kramer, Jeroen Musch, Ger van der Vlugt

Two peninsulas in the eastern docklands of Amsterdam, once the scene of an active harbour, have been redeveloped as residential areas. Most of the housing on these islands, consists of ground-accessed low-rise. The dwellings are located on five sites in Sporenburg. Each house occupies the entire plot and has only one façade facing the street.
The goal was to design an archetype suitable for the plots laid down by the master plan. The solution was found in a dwelling with two principal forms that allow many variations, different spatial configurations and combined front façades.
The inside and outside separation is carried to extremes. As such, the architects’ contribution is an impeccable realization of the master plan desire for an image of uniform clarity, without any dubious semi-public zones, obstacles or front gardens. Just houses and streets.