Central Post

Rotterdam, NL
LSI Project Investment
52.400 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Allard Assies, Aksel Coruh, Carl Greveling, Leo Harders, Mart-Jan den Hoed, Kees Kaan, Jan Teunis ten Kate, Monika Konrad, Chris Luth, Vincent Panhuysen, Dikkie Scipio, Luuk Stoltenborg, Yaron Tam, Hagar Zur

Aerophoto Schiphol - Marco van Middelkoop, Luuk Kramer, Sebastian van Damme

Central Post, the old and robust structure next to the Central Station in Rotterdam has been redeveloped into a monumental, contemporary and multifunctional office building to mainly house the new creative industry. The project is based on the restoration of the exterior and on a sustainable use of the over load the structure could carry by introducing hanging floors. Thanks to this design solution Central Post gains a 90% more floor area and becomes a sustainable monument with an A-Label. It holds a position amongst the five most sustainable buildings of The Netherlands.
The existing cores on both sides of the building are updated. The long office floors are divided with a wall to limit the size of the rentable units and to arrange fire compartments. A corporate penthouse is housed on the top floor as a terrace to the city while the lively program of the ground floor adds to a complete redevelopment of Delftseplein into a contemporary area.