de Bijenkorf

Amsterdam, NL
de Bijenkorf
4.300 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Allard Assies, Dennis Bruijn, Timo Cardol, Cristina Gonzalo Cuairán, Michael Geensen, Paolo Faleschini, Raluca Firicel, Kees Kaan, Loes Martens, Vincent Panhuysen, Maurizio Papa, Robbert Peters, Dikkie Scipio, Joeri Spijkers, Edwin Veth

ABT, Huijgen, Veldweg

de Bijenkorf is the retail experience reference in the Netherlands with department stores housed in historical and architectural landmark buildings in ten cities all over the country. The Amsterdam flagship store designed in 1914 by J.A. van Straaten is located in the very city center between Dam Square, Damrak and Beursplein.

The aim of the renovation project is, through the restoration of the building identity, to create a future-proof framework and to fit the premium experience strategy of de Bijenkorf. By giving the three different entrances the same importance and stature, the central Damrak axe is restored. This is strengthened with the new escalator position on Dam side and by liberating the monumental staircase.

The historical development of the department store will be visible thanks to the use of different column and ceiling shapes. Hereby total plan will ensure a better readability of the original structure and provide a better orientation within the building.