São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil
OAS Construtora, São Paulo
261.600 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Marco (Peixe) D’Elia, Renata Gilio, Kees Kaan, Yinghao Lin, Vincent Panhuysen, Kevin Park, Mariana Mariano, Ricardo Marmorato, Dikkie Scipio, Maria Stamati, Yiannis Tsoskounoglou, Yang Zhang

The study for the Ferrazópolis complex was initiated as a part of the Urban Operation of São Bernardo do Campo city. This pole of development is located in a rather strategic point. The intersection of 7 inner-city bus lines, the inter-cities bus terminal and the terminal station of the cable car transport for Montanhão, create a multimodal node within the city, rendering it a crucial landmark for its future development. On an average day it is estimated that 60.000 visitors will pass through the terminal. A substantial part of the administration offices of the city hall will be relocated at this spot, not only relieving the already overburdened Paço Park, but also stimulating the neighbourhood’s economic activity. Alongside the terminal hub, a mall, a convention centre, a hotel, housing and offices are also to be found, all organized around a public square and generating a diverse urban environment. The high density of this new development will give room to new public spaces and green areas.