Hoogte and Laagte Kadijk

Amsterdam, NL
De Principaal
3.000 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Felix Claus, Kees Kaan, Lies Rollmann, Dick van Wageningen

Ger van der Vlugt, Roos Aldershoff, Christian Richters

A micro surgical operation in the dense fabric of East Amsterdam’s city center: four plots in Hoogte Kadijk and Laagte Kadijk. The housing in all four projects displays an efficient interior design, a compact access with a central staircase or an entrance on the garden side accessible via a corridor. The entrance in each project has been given a character of its own through the deployment of materials, colour and light.
The front elevations openly allude to historical examples. In Hoogte Kadijk the red brick, the façade and the robust frames of the lights add a dash of the Amsterdam School. In Laagte Kadijk the stack-bonded walls above a smooth concrete plinth, the strict rhythm in which the aluminium doors are distributed over the façade and the windows that open outwards allude to warehouse architecture rather than conventional housing.