Paço Building

São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil
OAS Construtora, São Paulo
18.840 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Marten Dashorst, Marco (Peixe) D’Elia, Renata Gilio, Kees Kaan, Carlijn Kingma, Mariana Mariano, Vincent Panhuysen, Kevin Park, Dikkie Scipio, Maria Stamati, Yiannis Tsoskounoglou

Since its completion in 1969 the Paço complex has been extended several times. The original composition of podium and tower has progressively lost its impact through these extensions. The proposition is to revitalize this area with the implementation of a number of functional and architectural purposes. The complex presents two different axes that differentiate the territory and its future connexions: a vertical axe is dedicated to commercial areas and a horizontal axe is characterized by green spaces. Paço Building is situated at the intersection of these two lines; from this main core a network of infrastructures is created to enhance the accessibility for pedestrians, currently difficult to reach without motorized vehicles. The park and public plaza on the ground level are renovated and the ramp connecting both levels is restored to its original design. The podium supporting the tower is brought back to its original concept as much as possible and it becomes accessible for the public, activating a new open space within the park.