LLeida, ES
Fundació Sorigué
13.000 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Dante Borgo, Aksel Coruh, David de Cos Román, Marten Dashorst, Sebastian van Damme, Mitesh Dixit, Paolo Faleschini, Dario Fernandez, Raluca Firicel, Daan Font Freide, Mick van Gemert, Alejandro González Pérez, Sven Jansse, Kees Kaan, Yinghao Lin, Aimee Mackenzie, Giuseppe Mazzaglia, Vincent Panhuysen, Ismael Planelles, Britta Schümmer, Dikkie Scipio, Maria Stamati, Noëmi Vos, Wenli Wan

SELF Arquitectura, Barcelona (Giovanna Carnevali, Giacomo Delbene)

Planta is located in the quarry “La Plana del Corb” close to Balaguer (Lleida, Spain) and will follow the contours of the hills that define the boundary between the higher excavation plateau and the agricultural landscape. The platform is a datum in the ever changing landscape. Inside the platform will be housed a building for the display of obsession: manufacturing, landscape, family tradition, mining, and most important a show-case for a collection curated with joy and passion.
The platform houses three areas: visitor entrance and warehouse, collection hall and staff entrance; all connected by multiple circulation routes. The collection space is subdivided in three blocks with specific themes. Here black and grey rooms are excavated to create “curiosity rooms” and are in a tight dialogue with cut alleys that point the main walls of the blocks allowing for spontaneous paths.
The thickness of the walls transforms a simple wall into a room and the visit into a physical experience.