Public Works Department

Amsterdam, NL
Stadsdeel Buitenveldert
640 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Felix Claus, Walter van Dijk, Dagmar Driebeek, Kees Kaan

Michel Claus, Ger van der Vlugt

The Public Works Department of the Buitenveldert district of Amsterdam blend together an optimistic feel of the post war modern era with a lacquered taste. The function and external appearance of the building contradict one another.
In terms of urban planning, the depot is an appropriate response to the modern open planning. The building fits into the rectangular grid of freestanding objects. The structure forms a screen marking the boundary between the linear parkway and the forecourt achieving a clear internal cohesion. Large floor-to-ceiling glass partitions establish a connection between the inside and the outside.
The building is organised horizontally. The long corridor extends over the 56 meters of the rear of the building, providing access to work areas, dressing room and showers, as well as functioning as a filter between the depot and the street with its green borders.
The building was demolished in 2006 and replaced by a larger one for new facilities need.