Amsterdam, NL
C. van Eesterenlaan, Amsterdam
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Jan Bekkering, Manou Huijbregts, Michiel Janssen, Kees Kaan, Dirk Müller, Siebolt Nijenhuis, Dikkie Scipio

Luuk Kramer

Rietlanden is the part of Borneo Sporenburg development situated on the mainland and it has the same objective of low-rise density with a strict separation between the public and private space.
The project is an urban microcosm. Dwellings are accommodated in three blocks which together make up two rows. The façades betray little of the typological diversity or of the spatial complexity inside the individual dwellings. Differences in window sizes and façade composition are easily overlooked in passing. The large areas of glass set up a direct relationship between dwelling and street. In their extroversion, these dwellings stand out from the generally looking ones in the area.
The rows come to an abrupt halt at the edge of the park. Built into these blind head elevations is a flock-like configuration of nesting boxes for swallows, an ecologically sound alternative.
The architecture is an abstract, contemporary echo of nineteenth-century speculative building, where individual town houses were welded together into urban blocks.