Student Dwellings

Leiden, NL
Stichting duWo Delft
24.500 sqm
Project Team, Photos & Collaborators
Gabriella Fiorentini, Michael Geensen, Leo Harders, Walter Hoogerwerf, Kees Kaan, Jan Teunis ten Kate, Vincent Panhuysen, Maurizio Papa, Dikkie Scipio, Aldo Trim

Sebastian van Damme

The ensemble of the University of Leiden combines high quality program and urban design with pragmatic sobriety. Both modular residential eight-storey buildings consist of 252 units of 25sqm with living space, kitchen, bathroom and toilet.
The principle of the technical design is a concrete foundation plus two concrete floors with on top the pre-fab self-supporting units are stacked and linked one another already with finished interiors. The fa├žade wrapping the blocks is treated with low maintenance HPL plating with concealed fixings.
Thanks to a highly efficient design and building process, the 504 living units were achieved in record time, being stacked on top of each other using extra truss on the outer wall. By linking the modules without additional construction, both in length, width and height, they ensure stability as one system. The modular system is therefore the tool to achieve a clear and at the same time controlled architectural solution.