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May 2019
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23/05 2019

Dikkie Scipio appointed Professor at Münster University of Applied Sciences

Dikkie Scipio, co-founding partner of KAAN Architecten, has recently joined the Faculty of Architecture at the Münster University of Applied Sciences, where she holds the position of the Professor of Architectural Design.

Having studied arts, design and architecture at renowned Dutch Royal academies as well as having spearheaded large scale transformation projects such as B30, Paleis Het Loo or the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Scipio has a unique arsenal of experiences to pass on to her students. However, her appointment to this position is not only a milestone in her multi-faceted career as an architect, but also a recognition of her advocacy and promotion of young architects, be it students or recent graduates.

Following initiatives like De Meester and her work with Fleur Groenendijk Foundation, she maintains the importance of dialogue as essential for the design process. It is her intention to teach students in Münster how to open themselves to critiques and impressions, how to make their own decisions, and in return: “Working with the younger generation, I hope to find things that I did not look for.”

Find more information here.

21/05 2019

Two realms, one building, one book

Created and published by KAAN Architecten, ‘ISMO’ is a book about Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay, a building for scientific research designed for Paris Saclay campus in 2018.

The subtle yet elegant design of the book mirrors the design of the building in several features. The duality of ISMO’s programme is reinterpreted through two types of paper sewn together by aptly chosen Swiss binding technique often used in scientific publishing. Meanwhile, the recognisable concrete facade is referenced in the grid-like positioning of the ISMO logo and the texture of the grey cover paper that uses genuine pulverised cement to give it a rough chapped feel.

Along with an original essay by Ruud Brouwers in both English and French, the book expresses the essence of the building through rich photographs by Fernando Guerra and Sebastian van Damme.

Explore the full publication here.

Kees Kaan to participate in the opening of the fourth Rotterdam Architecture Month

The fourth edition of Rotterdam Architecture Month will start on Friday, 24 May, with an opening lecture by Eran Chen (ODA) who will be joined by Kees Kaan for a panel discussion afterwards.

Guided by the notion of ‘layered city’ as the overarching theme of RAM, both architects will discuss their experiences and ideas for the future of Rotterdam city centre.

As the city’s supervisor of urban development, Kees Kaan will reflect on the importance of renovation processes such as the Post Office transformation by ODA together with Braaksma & Roos.

Suitably, the event will take place at 19.30 in the historic former Post Office at Coolsingel 42.

Featured image: Postkantoor Rotterdam by ODA and Braaksma & Roos.


10/05 2019

Kees Kaan to speak at INDESEM 2019 lecture series

On Monday, 13 May 2019, Kees Kaan will give a public lecture and participate in a discussion at INDESEM 2019, taking place at 17.40 h in the Orange Hall of the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment.

INDESEM, International Design Seminar, is a biennial event with lectures, excursions, debates and a workshop, all organised around a specific theme. This year’s theme, Beyond the Echo Chamber, focuses on how to position yourself as an architect in our rapidly changing, (digitally) connected society. Adhering to the seminar theme, Kaan will give his insight on the scope of an architect’s work and how it transforms with each project. After the lecture he will engage in a discussion with moderator Salomon Frausto and architect Alun Jones (Dow Jones Architects).

For more information follow the link or check out the programme in the PDF below.