08 2021
August 2021
30/08 2021

Construction starts on The Stack in Amsterdam

Last week marked the official start of construction on The Stack, a residential complex in Amsterdam’s Overhoeks district, located north of the city centre, along the river IJ.

‘Aan het IJ’ is an area development project by Amvest where KAAN Architecten is designing The Stack – a residential ensemble of two buildings connected with underground parking comprising both owner-occupied and rental apartments. Kondor Wessels Amsterdam will act as the main contractor for the project aiming to complete the construction by the end of 2023.

Besides KAAN Architecten’s The Stack, ‘Aan het IJ’ includes projects designed by Orange Architects, KCAP, De Zwarte Hond, Powerhouse and Studioninedots.

Explore the project here.


23/08 2021

‘To Become One’ released on MINUTES platform

We are excited to introduce the short film ‘To Become One’, now freely available worldwide on MINUTES web platform!

Directed by French directors Romain Loiseau and Tristan Soreau, ‘To Become One’ follows the movements of a fictional protagonist equipped with a protective suit as she explores different spaces of an empty building, clinically silent. Abruptly, she senses the presence of someone else around her.

The Institut des Sciences Moléculaires in Orsay unites two architecturally expressed realms, housing theoretical and practical research, into a single entity. ISMO building is therefore distinguished by a harmonic coexistence of nature and scientific research. The split-screen of the short movie To Become One’ enhances the metaphor of the feeling of duality and accompanies the viewer until the main character’s ultimate discovery.

The jury of the 3rd edition of the Simon Architecture Prize has decided to exceptionally grant a Special Mention to the film “To become one”, directed by Romain Loiseau and Tristan Soreau on the Institute for Molecular Sciences’ project in Orsay (France) by KAAN Architecten + Fres Architectes. The jury explained the reason for their decision: “In an effort to defend how much cinema can contribute to the representation and knowledge of architecture, far from being just a communication and promotion tool.”

This film marks the fourth release for the eponymous series, consisting of 12 short movies directed by international filmmakers and portraying a selection of projects by KAAN Architecten.

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05/08 2021

iCampus construction advances

On a recent visit to the construction site of iCampus in Munich’s Werksviertel district, we have captured the progress on the three office buildings.

The facade works are nearly finished, with over 800 prefab concrete elements installed across the three buildings.

These modules are the largest prefab concrete elements KAAN Architecten has designed as of yet. Their size implies fewer structural joints and plays an essential role in making them not only cost-effective, but time-efficient. In this way, the crane moves faster and completes the mounting in less time.

Each building also features a central atrium as a binding element between the different floors. With a gridded glass roof acting as a lantern above the top floor, the atrium prevents heat accumulation and brings in abundant daylight.

Explore the full design here.

02/08 2021

Save the date: MINUTES at Pakhuis de Zwijger on 28 September

On 28 September 2021, Pakhuis de Zwijger will host a MINUTES event titled ‘Building Stories – Architecture on Film’. 

The event will delve into the social impact of architectural communication with participating filmmakers and invited guests by analyzing three completely different approaches to portraying architecture.

How can filmmaking generate new ways of communicating the built environment? Whether it is bringing the building to life with speculative scenarios, or portraying it in its perceived idleness, cinema appears to be the right contemporary medium to capture something so dynamic and ever-changing as the architecture that surrounds us.

Save the date by making a reservation at the link. More info to follow!

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