AMS MID CITY exhibition at TU Delft

On Thursday February 15th, 2018 the work of AMS MID CITY studio will be exhibited inside the Orange Hall of the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft. Prof. Kees Kaan will open the exhibition with the participation of several guests from the City of Amsterdam. Pieter Klomp (Deputy Director of Spatial Planning and Sustainability department) will give a keynote lecture on the current ambitions of the City.  

AMS MID CITY is the graduation studio of the Architectural Design Chair of Complex Projects (CP). The research-by-design is part of the AMS (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) project “Amsterdam: Urban makeover 2050” coordinated by Kees Kaan (chair professor and principal investigator at AMS), Manuela Triggianese (CP-AMS research project coordinator) and Hrvoje Smidihen (studio coordinator).

AMS MID CITY exhibition, 15 February – 2 March 2018, TU Delft (Orange Hall)

On the occasion of the opening, the panelists who attended the event were:

Kees Kaan (Chair Professor of Complex Projects)
Pieter Klomp (Director of Spatial Planning Gemeente Amsterdam) 
Arjan Snellenberg (Senior Urban Designer Gemeente Amsterdam)
Kenneth Heijns (Managing Director AMS Advanced Metropolitan Solutions)
Darrel Ronald (Associate Partner / Senior Urban Designer KCAP)
Tamara Smit (Economic Advisor Gemeente Amsterdam)