Dikkie Scipio to participate in Lifecycles Festival in Ghent

LifeCycles festival of inspiration and innovation, focused on architecture, project and city development is taking place from 23-25 September in Ghent. Dikkie Scipio joins a selection of forward-thinking innovators and experts who will be presenting their experience and insights, with the aim of setting the agenda for the future. 

The curated program is built around 6 topics  connected to meeting future challenges of our cities, architecture, building industry, technology, environment and communities.

In her own words, Scipio reflects: “In our urge to save the planet we are tempted to think about buildings like puzzles with little pieces that can be constructed and deconstructed as quickly and easily as it sounds. Little pieces that can be reused in their original state or decomposed to basic commodities in a process that doesn’t increase waste or pollution. However sympathetic this may sound, it also implies an expected devaluation and acceptance of the building’s short-term lifespan. This surrender to a fast consumer economy contrasts the intrinsic quality of architecture: the quality of shaped space, guided light, well-chosen and placed materials. It is this quality that outlives trends and even function. Quality that lasts is always preferable over destruction, even when that destruction is called sustainable.”

Find out more and register to attend the event here.