Dikkie Scipio to give a closing lecture at TU Delft BAU

On 29 March, Dikkie Scipio will give a lecture at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the TU Delft. Hers will be the closing lecture of the BAU business fair organised by the student association Stylos. 

During the lecture, Scipio will share her insights and experiences both as an architect and entrepreneur. Join on 29 March at 12.45 in the Orange Hall of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. For more information, reach out to Stylos.


Dikkie Scipio at Lifecycles Festival in Ghent

Lifecycles is a three day festival of inspiration and innovation, focused on architecture, project and city development taking place from 28-30 September in Ghent.

Dikkie Scipio joins a selection of forward-thinking innovators and experts who will be presenting their experience and insights, intending to set the agenda for the future. The curated program of the festival is built around topics connected to meeting future challenges of our cities, architecture, building industry, technology, environment and communities. The event will be unique in its kind, carefully curated and offer a great opportunity to meet all industry stakeholders.

In her own words, Scipio reflects: “In our urge to save the planet we are tempted to think about buildings like puzzles with little pieces that can be constructed and deconstructed as quickly and easily as it sounds. Little pieces that can be reused in their original state or decomposed to basic commodities in a process that doesn’t increase waste or pollution. However sympathetic this may sound, it also implies an expected devaluation and acceptance of the building’s short-term lifespan. This surrender to a fast consumer economy contrasts the intrinsic quality of architecture: the quality of shaped space, guided light, well-chosen and placed materials. It is this quality that outlives trends and even functions. Quality that lasts is always preferable over destruction, even when that destruction is called sustainable.”

Find out more and register to attend the event here.


Beirut-Rotterdam: Complex Urban Recoveries

On Friday, 26 February, Kees Kaan and Vincent Panhuysen of KAAN Architecten will participate in a webinar organized as part of the collaboration between both TU Delft and Lebanese Amercan University. This webinar will address the topics of reconstruction, urban planning, and heritage, connecting the Rotterdam experience with the current situation in Beirut.

Within the framework of Complex Projects at TU Delft, and in collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Studies and Research at LAU, the master’s level studio will address Beirut’s multiple acute challenges, notably its protracted socio-economic crisis, the reconstruction of Beirut and the restoration of its heritage.

Join here for the webinar on Friday, 26 February, at 16.00h (17.00 EET).

Kees Kaan at INDESEM 2021 Big Data Pre-event

International Design Seminar, widely known as INDESEM is kicking off their 2021 edition with a Pre-Event scheduled for 9 Decemeber. Kees Kaan will take on the role of moderator during the panel discussion.

One of the speakers participating in the panel discussion is Professor Jantien Stoter, who will talk about the application and potential of spatial data in design. Besides Stoter and Kaan, more speakers participating in the lecture and panel will be announced soon.

INDESEM 2021 explores Big Data within the built environment which is quickly becoming a hybrid of the physical environment and the digital world, where every action, feeling and step of those using the buildings we design can be quantified. What opportunities does this data load present?

In the run up to the seminar in 2021, INDESEM will host a series of online lectures, starting with the Pre-Event on 9 December 18.30 (EU time). Attend here!

KAAN Architecten at Perspective Virtual Winter Forum

KAAN Architecten will be participating at the Perspective Virtual Winter Forum organised by The Plan magazine from 1-3 December. The event is a virtual think tank on architecture and design.

Senior architect and lead design manager at KAAN Architecten, Marco Lanna will partictipate in a panel discussion titled ‘Bringing New Life’ set for Tuesday, 1 December 2020 at 12.30 – 13.30 h (EU Time). He will be joined by Paul White , founding director of Buckley Gray Yeoman, and Michael Woodford, partner at White Arkitekter. Their panel will deal with topics such as revamping strategies that drive economic growth and urban tissue restoration, as well as providing new community facilities and resources.

Register for the event here!

What’s next in design education? – panel discussion with Kees Kaan

On October 15, 2020, Kees Kaan will participate in a BK Talks panel discussion titled ‘What’s next in design education?’ with a group of professors of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the TU Delft, moderated by the Dean Dick van Gameren.

University education in general, and design education in particular, are at a critical moment. Education and research must confront a multitude of challenges: from the conflict between academy and the profession to the relation to society. Does design education properly address the contemporary cultural, economic and political issues? Does the curriculum of design schools tackle the current environmental and social realities? How radical or visionary is current design pedagogy when compared to previous experimental and collaborative forms of design pedagogy?

Moreover, the current pandemic has deeply impacted the way we learn, research, exchange ideas or encounter others. Faced with immense uncertainty, academic institutions must plan alternative scenarios. What are the consequences for the ways we imagine the future built environment of this full move towards virtual means of representation? Will academic institutions implement a hybrid model of teaching, combining digital and physical learning? What are the opportunities derived from this new situation?

The panel comprising Rients Dijkstra, Carola Hein, Kees Kaan, Winy Maas, Ana Pereira Roders and Sevil Sariyildiz will raise and, hopefully, answer many of these questions.

Tune into the discussion on Thursday, October 15 at 18.30, live on YouTube via the link here.


Dikkie Scipio joins ArchDaily x LifeCycles panel discussions

In anticipation of the LifeCycles festival in Ghent this September, a three day live-streamed series of panel discussions will be held from May 26-28 in partnership with ArchDaily, featuring architects from around the world who will be sharing their ideas and experiences for how we can build a better future.

Dikkie Scipio of KAAN Architecten will participate in the round table discussion on 28 May. Along with Eran Chen (ODA) and Kim H. Nielsen (3XN) she will discuss the future of cities and its crossover with construction.

Watch the conversation on YouTube.

Here you can find more information about the panels organized by Archdaily in collaboration with LifeCycles.

Vincent Panhuysen at Finnish Architectural and Concrete Conference

This Thursday, 23 January, Vincent Panhuysen will join the Finnish Architectural and Concrete Conference in Helsinki as a keynote speaker. His lecture will cover recent works of KAAN Architecten, with an emphasis on projects with public programme, challenging context and diverse users. 

The conference is organized by the Concrete Industry Association to discuss the changing environment and the importance of concrete as a material for the future. In connection with the seminar, Concrete Structure of the Year 2019 will be announced.

For more information on the event programme, visit the link here. (Finnish only)

‘Architecture of Dialogue’ – a lecture by Vincent Panhuysen

On Wednesday, 25 September, Vincent Panhuysen will give a lecture at the School of Architecture and Design at Lebanese American University in Byblos, Lebanon.

Research, experiments and, above all, dialogue with stakeholders are essential in developing a proper building. The architect can direct this intensive process based on a strong narrative and imaginative power. Vincent Panhuysen’s lecture will revisit five different works by KAAN Architecten demonstrating the application of this process both in conception as well as the implementation of the design.

For practical information, click here.



Kees Kaan to speak at INDESEM 2019 lecture series

On Monday, 13 May 2019, Kees Kaan will give a public lecture and participate in a discussion at INDESEM 2019, taking place at 17.40 h in the Orange Hall of the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment.

INDESEM, International Design Seminar, is a biennial event with lectures, excursions, debates and a workshop, all organised around a specific theme. This year’s theme, Beyond the Echo Chamber, focuses on how to position yourself as an architect in our rapidly changing, (digitally) connected society. Adhering to the seminar theme, Kaan will give his insight on the scope of an architect’s work and how it transforms with each project. After the lecture he will engage in a discussion with moderator Salomon Frausto and architect Alun Jones (Dow Jones Architects).

For more information follow the link or check out the programme in the PDF below.

‘Making Architecture’ – lecture by Kees Kaan at TU Eindhoven

This Thursday, 13 December, Kees Kaan will participate in the lecture series ‘Making Architecture’ at TU Eindhoven together with Jeroen van Schooten (Team V Architectuur). In a double lecture format, the speakers will elaborate on a number of projects that show how the process of making – from concept to building, unfolds within their offices.

The event will take place in the Filmzaal of the Zwarte Doos at the TU Eindhoven at 19.30. The lecture series is organized by AnArchi, Study Association for Architecture, and Juliette Bekkering of The Chair of Architectural Design and Engineering (ADE) at the TU Eindhoven. Find out more here.

Kees Kaan at the I Russian Youth Architectural Biennale

From 12 till 14 of October 2017, Kees Kaan participated in the business program of the I Russian Youth Architectural Biennale that was held in Innopolis (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia) as jury member and lecturer.

The two day event, which focused on the best national and international experience in designing the residential environment, gathered about 1,000 Russian and foreign experts from over 45 regions of Russia and 3 countries (Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom).

Vincent Panhuysen at FAU-USP in Sao Paulo

Vincent Panhuysen will present KAAN Architecten’s work to the Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo of the University of Sao Paulo on April 15th, 2016 starting from 10.30 AM.

The recent released Supreme Court of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Embassy in Mozambique will be at the core of the lecture. Vincent Panhuysen will illustrate the design and the different constructive approaches of the two projects.


Friday 15 April 2016 – h 10.30 AM

sala 807, Edificio Vilanova Artigas at FAU-USP, Sao Paulo


“One mould” in Madrid

Kees Kaan will give a public lecture on April 13th, 2016 at ETSAM (Madrid, Spain) – Faculty of Architecture’s Aula Magna, starting from 7 PM.

Kees Kaan will illustrate KAAN Architecten’s projects starting from an enlightening retrospective on the history and the actual planning and development of the Dutch urban landscape, all about water management. Put a shovel in the ground and the hole will fill itself with water immediately.

The permanent relation with the water throughout the history has settled in the DNA of our culture. Building Dutch cities implied making or reinforcing the land, keeping it in place and making foundations in the water. There is little stable and dry land available so not only buildings are constructed but so are the streets and the canals. The section canal, street and house are inherently related and intertwined: one “mould” (synonymous of build, form, shape, structure, nature, character, quality). The houses are built out of the same bricks as the docks, streets and bridges and have similar foundations.

Public, collective and private interests are constantly negotiated in these complex constructions. In the Netherlands, the production of land or vice versa the flooding of land was and is used as a military, political and economical tool. The expression ’poldermodel’ literally refers to the habit of dealing with societal issues by compromising and finding consensus among stakeholders, this implies collaboration. It produces a strong sense of shared values and interest in the ‘common’.

If architecture is supposed to reflect shared values the question is raised what extend contemporary buildings can actually represent fundamental principles of the organizations they facilitate.


More information on dpa – ETSAM website.

“Ideal Standard” in Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Chongqing

Prof. Kees Kaan will travel East to visit some of the most important academies and universities of South China.

The dense programme of events presents three lectures: first one, on Tuesday October 20, at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou; followed by a second one on Wednesday October 21, at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and a third on Thursday October 22, at the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou.

Following day, October 23, Kees Kaan will take part to a seminar hosted by the Guangzhou Design Alliance, EMGdotArt and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Guangzhou at the Yangcheng Design Alliance headquarter in Guangzhou.



Kees Kaan “Beautification” at the Chicago Architecture Biennial

The Chair of Complex Projects (TU Delft) together with ARCHEWORKS, as affiliate partners of the first ever Chicago Architecture Biennial, are curating the lecture series “In Chicago”.

In conjunction with the opening days of the biennial, Kees Kaan has been invited to give a public lecture on Friday October 2 from 19.00 at ARCHEWORKS.

Kees Kaan lecture “Beautification” states that architectural innovation in itself serves no purpose unless a proper balance between private interest and common values is established. The lecture will critically reflect on the contextual narrative as the driver of the architectural concept to generate a self-evident relation between city, building, construction and detail.

To participate, please RSVP here.



“Ideal Standard” in Xiamen and Shanghai

Kees Kaan had been lecturing in two important Chinese universities, bringing the “Ideal Standard” topic to a wider public.

“Ideal Standard” is a constant within Prof. Kees Kaan lecture topics, and this time the Dutch standard have been presented to the Chinese public.

On May 25th, 2015, Prof. Kees Kaan was invited to give a lecture at the Huaqiao University in Xiamen (Wang Yuanxing International Conference Center); while few days after on May 27th, 2015 he presented the same topic at the Tongji University in Shanghai (College of Architecture and Urban Planning).

Soon more info on future lectures.