Kees Kaan at the AMS/TU Delft Summer School 2018

Continuing the collaboration with Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Kees Kaan will participate as a member of the Scientific Committee and a guest critic at the AMS/TU Delft Summer School 2018.

Amsterdam AMS Institute, Delft Deltas, Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative (DIMI), the University of Paris-Est and ARENA Architectural Research Network together with Delft University of Technology are organizing the interdisciplinary 2018 Summer School: Integrated Mobility Challenges in Future Metropolitan Areas. The workshop will use Amsterdam Sloterdijk station area as a case study, focusing on testing various sustainable approaches and strategies for dealing with a lack of space and growing number of users.

map by Maurits van Ardenne, edited by Joran Kuijper

Throughout the 7 day workshop (21-28 August) students, young professionals and researchers will be guided by an expert team of lecturers, guest critics and teachers. The Chair of Complex Projects together with the AMS Institute oversees coordinating and leading the Summer School, while Kees Kaan as the Head of the Chair, is a member of the Scientific Committee and a guest critic.

More information on the Summer School can be found here.