12/02 2014

KAAN with EGM architecten in design competition of the CHU Île de Nantes

Together, KAAN Architecten and EGM architecten are about to draft a design for the new Nantes hospital. They will do this in consortium with the French J.Pierre Pranlas Descours Studio (JPPD) for urban development, the Dutch engineering office Valstar-Simonis, the French engineering office EVP Ingénierie and the Spanish Boma Inpasa. Furthermore French Philippe Talbot et Associés, Cicad Consultants, TN+ and Peutz et associés are in the team.


On the whole, the European consortium has managed to qualify out of 23 inscriptions together with 3 other teams: AIA architects, which will cooperate with the Portuguese Souto de Moura, the French-Belgian Art & Build which consists of Jean-Philippe Pargade, the Artelia study office and Signes Paysage for urban development and finally the French Reichen et Robert, which consists of Groupe 6 and the study offices Ingerop, Setec and Berim.

The project teams will have six months to submit a project proposal. By the end of 2014, a definitive choice will be made by Christiane Coudrier, the superintendent of CHU Nantes.

KAAN Architecten and EGM architecten cooperated before on the university grounds of the Erasmus Medical Center. EGM architecten is responsible for the new Erasmus MC, which will open its doors in 2017. KAAN realized the Education Center in 2012.