22/03 2024

Construction starts on Strijp-S Matchbox in Eindhoven

Yesterday, 21 March 2024, marked the official start of construction on Matchbox, a mixed residential and office building in the Strijp-S area of Eindhoven. This new building on “Veld K”, in front of the Trudo Tower, is expected to be finished by mid-2025.



© Igor Vermeer

The Matchbox project adopts the rationality and no-nonsense aesthetic of the early modernist context to be integrated into the former industrial ribbon of Philips factories Strijp-S. After realisation, it will be the first building in Strijp-S to use bio-based materials, allowing the storing of more CO₂ within the building than what was emitted during its developing phase. Matchbox brings in the softness of an elegantly crafted timber grid system. This deliberate design approach exemplifies our dedication to reducing the carbon footprint and nurturing a more environmentally conscious future.

© Sebastian van Damme

Matchbox has a highly permeable active plinth, hosting small entrepreneurs and the new Trudo offices from the ground floor to the second floor. A total of 36 apartments on levels three to six are arranged around an inner courtyard to encourage social contact between people, completely in the style of Strijp-S.

Explore our complete project here or read more information here!

Building team
Architect: KAAN Architecten
Client: Sint Trudo
Contractor: Stam + De Koning Bouw
Construction advisor: ABT / Adviesbureau Lüning
Building physics and fire safety: ABT
Installation advisor: Visietech