14/06 2024

Kees Kaan inducted into the French Academy of Architecture

On June 12, Kees Kaan officially became a member of the French Academy of Architecture, following a praise by Pablo Katz, the institution’s current vice president, and Jean-Pierre Pranlas-Descours.


In his inaugural speech to guests and members of the Academy, Kaan discussed the significance of representation in architecture and how themes of grandeur, collectivity, and culture, rooted in French architecture, have influenced his professional journey. Exploring the concept of “Palais” and its evolution in Parisian architecture, Kaan drew a parallels to the urban development of Amsterdam’s canals, based on a pragmatic and commercially efficient economic model.

Kaan concluded by emphasizing the role of architecture in fostering social interaction and cultural dialogue, highlighting the importance of narratives in building.



photos © Sebastian van Damme