27/09 2023

Opening lecture by Kees Kaan at ENSA Paris La Villette

Next Tuesday, 3 October, Kees Kaan will give a lecture at the National School of Architecture of Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV), kicking off the new academic year.

Titled “Building Narratives,” the lecture will explore the transformative power of narrative construction within architectural projects. Kaan will delve into how each project takes on a distinct identity as the architect crafts a compelling narrative, engaging individuals and stories along the way. This process, as Kaan emphasizes, is inclusive and open, actively inviting the input of all stakeholders. By incorporating the diverse opinions and experiences of those involved, this approach ultimately results in the creation of buildings that are not only robust and straightforward but also deeply connected to the needs and aspirations of both future occupants and society as a whole. Read more at the link.

Practical information:
ENSAPLV, Amphi 302
Tuesday October 3, 2023 at 18.00 h
Free admission, limited seating available
in English

Featured image by Sebastian van Damme.