28/11 2018

A day on the university campus in CUBE

This September, CUBE Education and Self Study Centre opened its doors for the start of the new academic year at Tilburg University. Months later, the building is in full use by over 2200 students and faculty daily. Featured photo report captures the atmosphere and activities over the course of a typical school day in CUBE.

Nestled unassumingly among the trees, the building is anchored into the landscape by the paved orthogonal pathways that guide users to the entrances. Once inside, the ground floor unfolds as a progression of public spaces – open study areas, lounges, circulatory spaces and a restaurant. They stretch inside and out, allowing users of the study plaza the freedom to study or take a break within the same space. Abundant daylight and sweeping sight lines through the building allow the structure and surroundings to flow seamlessly into each other.

Photo reportage by Sebastian van Damme. See the atmosphere from the opening of the academic year in CUBE here.