12/02 2024

KAAN Architecten contributes to Amsterdam’s architecture as new ARCAM sponsor

Arcam is a great institution for open discussion and planning for the city of Amsterdam. This considerable hub of ideas and initiatives is an ideal stage for knowledge exchange and research development for a new and better city.

As urbanization continues to increase around the world, cities are expanding rapidly, and planners are trying to predict future scenarios. This is particularly true for the city of Amsterdam, where urbanization means, above all, intensification and diversification. Amsterdam has a long tradition of integrated planning of its growth, with the century-old canal system as the protagonist. Architecture and urban development have always been closely intertwined, in its own unique way, throughout every period of growth. This has made the city of Amsterdam one of the most fascinating showcases of the relationship between architecture and urban development. The recent debate on how to achieve the right density in different parts of the city is an example of this attitude.

Inspired by such questions and challenges, KAAN Architecten is ready to jump into the arena of the constructive and innovative pioneering mentality that Arcam promotes, which is also typical of Amsterdam. KAAN Architecten’s many projects in the city have given us an extensive awareness of the big picture and the main questions for Amsterdam, and we are eager to share and debate.

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