23/06 2023

‘The New Together’ at Platform Architecture Festival in Venice

As contributors to 'The New Together exhibition', we are joining the PLATFORM Architecture Festival in Venice from June 23-26, 2023. at the Scuola Grande di Misericordia.

The New Together Exhibition emerges as an active platform, gathering projects that embody a new era and offer solutions for the transition. ”Metamorphosis is the closest image to indicate a phase of profound transformation that is challenging our lifestyles, the tools and languages with which we represent them, and the visions with which we imagine a different future” claim the exhibition’s curators Luca Molinari and Simona Finessi.

Photograph by Sebastian van Damme

The exhibition showcases a collection of 140 projects developed worldwide in the past three years, spanning various scales and promoting social interaction. Our Amsterdam Courthouse is one such project encouraging encounters, dialogues, and shared experiences within the judicial and wider city context. Managing architect Marco Lanna joins the Platform Architecture Festival to present the project on 24 June.


The New Together Exhibition is held from May 20 to July 30 at the Scuola Grande di Misericordia in Venice. More information here.