14/10 2022

We are joining THE NEW OPEN [Minds] Talks & Workshop

Kees Kaan and our BIM manager Javier Cuartero are joining the first international THE NEW OPEN (Minds) Talks & Workshop as featured speakers on 27 and 28 October.

As a dynamic platform with ongoing critical contributions from global thought leaders in architecture, design, climate, data science, art, culture, economics and politics, THE NEW OPEN rethinks the future foundations of design and its impact on our societies. Their first public conference will take place on 27 and 28 October at the TU Delft. The event includes keynote talks, interview-like conversations and panels from architects, designers and academics on climate, artificial intelligence, architecture, data-driven design and social and cultural change.

“If more accurate, complete and unbiased information is available, our ability to shape our habitat will be better too,” says Kees Kaan to introduce his keynote on the future of data-driven design set for 27 October. He advocates the need for “open data, impartial and fair”, calling it essential for the design process.

“Better design decision-making is based on reliable, clean, and approved data sources”, continues Javier Cuartero. He will give his insight as a data and tech support leader in a workshop on 28 October. For the first time, THE NEW OPEN [Minds] workshop will bring researchers from the fields of Open Science, Computational Design, Urbanism, Data Management and Artificial Intelligence together with architects and experts from internationally renowned design firms innovating architecture through the use of data.

Find out more information and join here.