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The history and the actual planning and development of the Dutch urban landscape...

09 2016
September 2016
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28/09 2016

Re-interpreting a national heritage site

The governmental building B30 in The Hague was first conceived by Daniël Knuttel in 1917, and will shortly become the new accommodation of the Dutch planning offices. ...

12/09 2016

CMA in Lille is taking shape

First official images from the construction site of the new Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat, which will open to the public in 2017, have been released....

31/08 2016

A sneak peek of B30’s interiors

A few weeks ago photographer Sebastian van Damme visited the construction site of B30 in The Hague (nl) to capture the last moments before the completion of the renovation led by Dikkie Scipio....

20/06 2016

KAAN reveals new design for De Zalmhaven

See the latest design for De Zalmhaven – an ongoing project comprising 220 apartments built on a site adjacent to the onetime port of Zalmhaven, center of Rotterdam. Two shifted towers of 70m each...

31/05 2016

KAAN to design New Amsterdam Courthouse

With a staff of 1.000, including 200 judges and 800 professionals, as well as many daily visitors and the processing of 150.000 cases a year, the Courthouse of Amsterdam is the largest in the...

18/05 2016

B30 completion on its way

B30, the new accommodation of the Dutch planning offices, is a renovation of a ministry building of the 20th Century in the city of The Hague. The entire ground floor is an extension of...