Chair Manual 2014

The Chair of Complex Projects (CP) targets all scales of the architectural thinking,...

The Choice


The essence in making a choice is found in the source from which...

09 2015
September 2015
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01/06 2015

First stone ceremony for ISMO

On Wednesday June 3rd, 2015 will be held the first stone laying ceremony of the Institut des Sciences Moléculaire d'Orsay in Paris. ...

21/05 2015

Ground breaking for CMA in Lille

KAAN Architecten, together with PRANLAS-DESCOURS Architect & Associates, officially announces the start of construction of the Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat (CMA) in Lille, the winning project of an international competition held in...

29/09 2014

“Invisible” Dikkie Scipio – ZAAL Z number 10

They built solid and well-planned structures in the 19th century, which means the building can take quite a bit. Its Neo-Classical architecture is proud and majestic, qualities that for many years were not much...

19/06 2014

“Not ideal” Dikkie Scipio – ZAAL Z number 9

Nearly all old buildings have some amount of asbestos. In the last century it was an extremely popular building material because it was cheap, easy to work, strong and served as insulation. Asbestos is...

10/12 2013

“Surprises” Dikkie Scipio – ZAAL Z number 8

The construction of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts is challenging, but the design teams always manage to find a solution together to enable the implementation of the design itself. Every shipyard has surprises,...

27/03 2013

“Nude” Dikkie Scipio – ZAAL Z number 5

The building work has been completed, demolition can begin. We are gradually revealing what has remained hidden for so long. The museum will later be completely exposed, showing us its true beauty before we...

14/12 2012

Crematorium Aalst wins the open competition

The winner proposal of the Belgian open call is presented by Vincent Panhuysen, a crematorium that is to be built in the marshy pastures of Aalst, Oost Vlaanderen, mid-way between Brussels and Gent in...