02 2018
February 2018
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22/02 2018

A glimpse of the new vertical museum

In Antwerp, the renovation and extension works of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts move forward. The roof of the new vertical museum has emerged, while some elements still lay on the top floor...

05/02 2018

A sneak peek of Crematorium Aalst

The first images from the construction site of Crematorium Aalst reveal a building with an emphasis on natural light, variation of concrete textures and easy-readable spaces. Thanks to its close relationship with the landscape,...

01/02 2018

CMA emerges in Lille

In Lille, framed by mature trees, the Chambre de Métiers et de L’Artisanat emerges as a natural element characterized by mimetic glass facades and transparency. The reportage by photographer Sebastian van Damme reveals the...

11/01 2018

Dikkie Scipio for Letters to the Mayor

The initiative started in 2014 by Storefront for Art and Architecture, Letters to the Mayor – Rotterdam invites a select group of international architects including Dikkie Scipio to write a letter to Mayor Aboutaleb...

29/12 2017

Kees Kaan on “Past, Present, Future” video project

“Past, Present, Future: ​about being an architect yesterday, today and beyond” is a series of video interviews conducted by Gianpiero Venturini of Itinerant Office. ​The project features eleven internationally renowned Dutch and Italian architects...

20/12 2017

Second issue of New Amsterdam Courthouse book series

Every building phase, a new issue of the book series by photographer Dominique Panhuysen dedicated to the New Amsterdam Courthouse construction site and building process. This second issue shows the start of the foundation...

14/12 2017

OZC: a construction site reportage

The Education and Self-Study Center of the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands) is under construction and the new building is scheduled for completion in May 2018. ...

21/11 2017

Contract-signing ceremony at Schiphol

Last week the KL AIR team, composed by KAAN Architecten, Estudio Lamela, ABT, Ineco, Arnout Meijer Studio, DGMR and Planeground, was invited by the Schiphol Nederland B.V. to the official contract-signing ceremony. The new...

08/11 2017

Video: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Terminal

We are pleased to release the official video of the new Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Terminal design by the international consortium KL AIR consisting of KAAN Architecten, Estudio Lamela, ABT and Ineco, with the support...